Do we remove the fan cover from the oven?

Yes, as there is always a large build up of grime around the fan so this is essential.

Do we clean hobs, hoods and extractors?

Yes if requested.

How long does it take to clean an oven?

Depending on the condition, a single oven takes 1 to 1.5hours, double ovens 2 hrs and 2 plus for ranges etc.

Do we use protective coverings around the work area?

Yes, we cover flooring and all surroundings and ensure there is no mess, leaving the kitchen as we find it.

Do we remove the doors?

Yes, we always remove doors to clean glass internally and externally. We carefully take it off and put back on, collecting all the grease around the door and seal.

Are we fully insured?

Yes, we carry public liability insurance which means you can book with confidence.

What does cleaning an oven entail?

We remove all racks and shelving, side and back panels to ensure we get into every corner top and bottom, and get the whole oven fully degreased and back to new again.

Do we use harmful chemicals?

Not in the house, only general cleaning products are used in your home. In the van we carry a mounted dip tank system which is very advanced and we place all racks and shelves into the caustic tank. This fully degreased and after rinsing your oven will be sparkling clean.

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